Thursday, 13 June 2013

1885 - August - 1

Eleven years after the villages of Wellington Square had been combined to create a new municipality, Burlington, the Hamilton Spectator carried the following flowery poem. It was written by 1885 “O.N.” in tribute of Hamilton’s neighbour after a summer day’s visit to that town across the lake.

                                      Ode to Burlington

                             Of Burlington I fain would write,
                             And verses to its praise indite;
                             But then I feel such a theme,
                             With fruitless toil for me would teem.

                             For I’m, ‘tis clear, no practical bard,
                             And thus for me the task is hard;
                             But since ‘fain heart ne’er won the fair,’
                             I must set to and not despair.

                             Now Burlington’s so fair a place,
                             So rich indeed in natural grace,
                             That all must feel that here on earth
                             We have a gem of precious worth.

                             How many here the charms to ‘suage,
                             The cank’ring cares of ashen age!
                             How many here the blessings bright
                             That yield to youthful years’ delight?

                             What flow’ring fields! What pleasant dells !
                             What verdure clothes the lovely vales!
                             What beauty from the bright blue bells
                             That lend their charm to thy fair dells.

                             Thy tree-clad mills afford a sight
                             That fills man’s heart with pure delight;
                             For hills above and vales below
                             With countless charms are all aglow.

                             Thy lake is draped in richest blue,
                             Bright mirror of the skies’ soft hue;
                             How cool the breezes that o’er it plays
                             For those who flee the sun’s warm rays.

                             Yes, Burlington, in thee we find
                             The highest joys that charm the mind;
                             Thy dwellers round true friendship show,
                             Thy cups with kindness ever flow.

                             Farewell, choice spot, I cannot tell
                             How deep o’er me thou’st cast thy spell,
                             Feeling’s last rays must from me part,
                             Ere thy fond mem’ry leave my heart.

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