Wednesday, 25 March 2015

1886-06-18 Windy Ball Game

June 17, 1886 was a windy day for a baseball game, and the game played on the diamond at Dundurn park proved to be a windy affair in more ways than one.

A team from Oswego, New York State was in Hamilton to play a local side.

The coverage from the Hamilton Spectator follows :

“The game at Dundurn yesterday was an atmospheric affair. The wind blew powerfully all through the game, in spite of the fact that the batters struck it some awful blows; the umpire used a great deal of wind to very good purpose, and anybody within a mile of the diamond could hear what he whispered; the long first baseman of the Oswegos kept up a continual shouting during the whole time his side was at bat; the Oswego team made a very effective chorus until the umpire intimated that he didn’t want no more of that ‘hollerin’ – altogether the game was quite windy.1

1 “The World of Sport”

Hamilton Spectator.   June 18, 1886

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