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1884-02-07 Chronic Diseases Cured

It was, for the time, a very large advertisement in the Hamilton press.
       In the Hamilton Weekly Times, the ad appeared on Thursday, February 7, 1884.
  The advertisement notified Hamiltonians that beginning the following Monday morning, February 11 through to Saturday February 16, surgeons employed by the Drs. K. and K. U.S. Medical and Surgical Association would be present at the St. Nicholas.
          In the center of the ad was a large box containing, on the right, an engraving of  John D. Keegan, M. D., President and Medical Superintendent of the association, and , on the left a depiction of the association headquarters, located at the corner of Michigan avenue and Griswald street in Detroit, Michigan.
          Above the illustrations, it was noted that the association had been organized in 1878, and incorporated in 1883, that “Chronic Diseases Cured , Deformities Successfully Treated by 18 Experienced Specialists."
          Hamiltonians were urged to call in at the St. Nicholas Hotel at any time during the scheduled times when the surgeons were available. The following was the description of those in particular who were urged to get advice:
          “WOMEN suffering from ailments peculiar to their sex, MEN suffering from the effects of exposure, OLD and YOUNG MEN suffering from the results of excess and indiscretion,  PARENTS whose children inherit a scrofulous predisposition, those of ALL AGES and BOTH SEXES who suffer from any chronic disease, from deformity of any description or from any Cancerous, Consumptive, Nervous or Rheumatic Complaint should consult them.”
The bulk of the advertisement included testimonials of cures which were made by the surgeons of the association.
One testimonial was placed at the beginning of the series, one from a Hamiltonian:
“Mrs. Geo. M. Franklin, 65 Hunter street, Hamilton, Ont. Suffered from torpid liver, congested kidneys, ulceration and falling of the womb, weakness and palpitation of the heart, dyspepsia and catarrh. She complained of pains in the left side, and biliousness; pain over kidneys, headache and cold feet; inability to sleep on the left side; back very weak, feeling ‘as if there was a load against it’ in the morning; ached from small of back to knees; often felt as if her heart would stop and as if she would smother. Had also every symptom of female weakness.
“After her case had been abandoned as hopeless by several physicians, she took treatment of Drs. K. & K., who speedily CURED her. She says: ‘ Benefit my suffering sisters by publishing the facts of my case.’ ”
In case any skeptics, the proprietors of the association committed to provide other references on request, including those from those who had suffered from “Female Weakness, Bronchial and Lung Disease, Dyspepsia, Amaurosis and General Nervous Debility.”


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