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1886 - Baseball Changes


There were some major off-season changes being made to Hamilton’s professional baseball, and the grounds where that team played their home games.

On March 3, 1886, readers of the Hamilton Spectator learned that a team name was about to be ratified formally:

 “At the next meeting of the shareholders of the Clipper company, it is altogether likely that the name of the organization will be changed to the Hamilton Baseball association, and the Clippers will be called the Hamiltons. As a matter of fact, the change has already been decided upon, although the formal meeting will have to take place before it can be actually made. The headquarters of the association will be held downtown to be secured for Secretary Sterling.”1


Hamilton Spectator.   March 03,, 1886.

The name change would involve new uniforms to be made for the team:

“The Hamiltons’ suits for the coming season will differ from those worn last only as to the color of the cloth. The flannel will be battle green, trimmed with red, and with red stockings as before. The material will be purchased at once.”2

2“The World of Sport.”

Hamilton Spectator.  March  06, 1886.

The previous baseball season, in 1885, the baseball grounds which had been created in Dundurn Park, just east of the Castle, were found to be less than fully desirable in a couple of aspects:

“Many changes and improvements will be made in and around the ball ground at Dundurn this spring. The seating capacity of the grandstand will be increased, and a high screen at the top will installed to prevent balls from careening over into the rear, in the wild and reckless manner effected  by them last season.

The trees immediately to the west of the outfield, that were responsible for several home runs last year, will be removed, and various other changes of minor importance will be made. It might not be out of place to mention incidentally that nothing will be left undone to make this the finest ball ground the sun winked at.”2

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